The purpose of this website is to provide the community at large with more information about the public safety agencies that provide services within Bernalillo County.  In no way are the owners of AbqScanner.com affiliated with these agencies and we are not responsible for reporting crimes to the police, we are merely an information service.  We also do not provide live audio that would compromise the safety of emergency personnel.

What channels do you provide?

Currently, we are providing radio traffic for APD, AFD, BCSO, BCFD and NMSP Dist 5.

What channels are not provided?

We follow Broadcastify.com's TOS exactly.  We do not compromise public safety and do not provide the following:

  • Law enforcement tactical
  • Aviation police services
  • Law enforcement or security pertaining to educational facilities.

Is this broadcast live?

This stream is provided live on a 30 second delay 24/7/365 using a Uniden BCD436HP digital scanner running the EDACS/ProVoice software.  To keep the feed running smoothly, reboots are done on either Monday or Tuesday every week.